bay area

Where We Deliver

We are based out of Oakland and we start our minimum delivery order within the downtown area at $45. We are CASH ONLY. From there, it increases depending on your location. Check below to see what your minimum may be. Be sure to check with us if your area is not listed. **As of 7/10/2017 we are now introducing new delivery minimums. Please check below to see if your area has changed.

Oakland - $45-55

Alameda (including Bay Farm Island) - $55

Emeryville - $55

Piedmont - $45-55

Berkeley - $55-65

Berkeley Hills/Kensington - $75+*

Albany - $75+*

El Cerrito - $100+*

Richmond - $100+*

San Leandro - $55-65

San Francisco - $150+*

*Due to heavy traffic on weekdays, we do not deliver to these areas between Mon-Fri from 2:30pm-7pm. Pre-orders can be placed for before or after these times. Weekends are open all day (depending on traffic conditions). 

How does it work?

We are a first come, first serve delivery service. We are open everyday from Noon until 11pm (except on major holidays). In order to receive a delivery, you must have a valid California Prop. 215 recommendation and also a valid ID/license (any state is okay and passports are accepted as well). If you have these items, then you are ready for delivery! 

Go to the register link and follow the instructions on there. Once you have submitted your information thru e-mail, one of our team members will call you and confirm your delivery address. At this point we will begin to place your order for delivery. Feel free to ask us any questions and we will do our best to give you an accurate answer. 

Once you are set for delivery, one of our team drivers will head to your house in the time given (we do our best to arrive within 30min-2 hours from when you place your order). Pre-orders are always welcomed and are encouraged.  If you send in an order while we are closed, we will reach out to you as soon as we can on the next day that we are open. 

We ask that patients who are looking for a delivery, to be either at their home, a friend's home, a place of work or hotel/motel. We do NOT deliver to public locations (restaurants, bars, etc.).