Lakeside Remedy Loyalty Program

To show our appreciation for our members, we have started a new loyalty program! As a member of Lakeside Remedy, you will receive one Loyalty Card and one stamp upon delivery of the new card (or 2 stamps if the order exceeds $150). Each time you receive a delivery, you will receive 1 stamp (up to 2 stamps max if you spend over $150). 

There are 12 squares total for the loyalty card. Once the card is fully stamped, you will get the option to choose between 2 gifts as a thank you for your support. You can choose between either an 1/8 of flower* ($50 max) OR a half gram [or gram] of concentrate* ($40 max) for FREE! When the card is filled, you will also receive a blank card upon delivery and the return of the stamp-filled card.  

Please remember to bring your loyalty card out with you when receiving delivery so our driver can stamp the card.  Stamps will only be applied the time the order is dropped off. 

*ALL Cartridges and THC Design pre-packaged flowers are excluded from this promotion.*


Loyalty program starts 9/16/2017.  Program can be discontinued or changed at anytime if the collective sees fit.  One stamp per delivery.  One additional stamp for orders of $150 or more.  Two stamp maximum per delivery.  One card provided per member.  Member is solely responsible for care of their own card, as Lakeside Remedy will not be held liable for missing cards or making up stamps if card was not present on delivery.  If a card is lost, the member will receive a blank card with one stamp (or 2 depending on the amount of order) as a replacement to the lost card.  Missing cards will not received any stamp replacements.  Loyalty cards can not be combined as one.  Please be sure to keep your card in a safe place! A fully stamped card will only be redeemed from a member when they have placed an order reaching the minimum for their area. The fully stamped card will be picked up by one of our drivers and replaced with a blank new card (and any stamps to make up for the existing order).

Drivers will be handing out cards and giving stamps to all new members and any existing members.  If you do not receive a card after 9/16/2017, please reach out to us via e-mail or phone and we will get one to you next time (and a stamp will be added on to the card to make up for the previous order) 

Gifts include one choice of either an 1/8th of flower ($50 max) OR a half gram of concentrate ($40 max).  No credit is applied to order, the gift is either the choice of flower or concentrate as stated above. All cartridges and THC Design pre-packaged flowers are excluded from this promotion.